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I was cleaning out my spam folder the other day and I found a piece of commercial email that had been labeled as spam.  And I know who the culprit is that made that happen:  me!

A long time ago, we bought one of our daughters a Ginger Rogers autograph.  She was, and still is, a huge fan and we thought it would be nice to give her something that came right from one of her faves.  We bought the item online.  Great transaction, no worries about authenticity, and no issues with payment.  I felt good about the company with which I did business and would recommend them to anyone.  Until recently.

My thinking on them has changed because this apparently well-managed company keeps sending me email.  No, I didn’t opt off their list.  But it’s over 10 years since I’ve bought something and for the last few, all their mail goes right to my spam folder since that’s where I’ve directed it.

There are lots of places where one can find email best practices.  Having run an online commerce business, I can tell you that one big fear is getting onto a blacklist of some sort and having email delivery problems. To prevent that, every so often it’s not a bad idea to send a note to those people on your list who haven’t purchased anything in a while (and if you can’t track that you need to get some help with your email and analytics). Find out if they want to keep receiving your mail. If not, you reduce their clutter and reduce your email costs – win – win! If so, at least you know that there is still a potential customer at that address.

Keep those lists clean and current – you’re doing yourself and your customers a favor.

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