Thinking Personally

I spent yesterday at the OMMA Mobile conference. Very interesting although it kind of felt like everything old is new again in some ways. Much of what we’ve gone through in the development of the web is being repeated in mobile, including the reluctance of marketers to embrace a medium that is way more developed than most of them understand.  Mobile devices (I don’t like to think of them as phones since that’s very limiting) are personal, PC‘s are not. There are several times as many mobile devices as there are phones and more and more of them have high speed data access and can run applications.  There was a ton of great research presented and I’ll have more on that at some other time.Today, I want to write about something that crossed my mind during the afternoon session.  At one point, a speaker said “I personally think…” which, of course, prompted yours truly to turn to the guy next to him and ask “what other kind of thinking can one do?  Isn’t it all personal?”  His response was interesting:  “Corporate”.  He’s so right.

Too often, we ignore what we really think in the name of the decision we think “corporate” wants us to make.  Let’s not rock the boat, let’s tell someone what they want to hear.  We can justify all sorts of bad behavior if it’s “corporate” thinking and not something out of our own minds.

We need to “think personally”  and not “corporately” more often.  It would affect our behavior to our fellow workers.  Our customers are people and odds are they’d appreciate the human touch. Thinking personally gets the customer service agent to fix the problem; thinking corporately has them trying to get the call finished in the least amount of time.  Thinking personally has the concierge giving out honest recommendations; thinking corporately has them steering business to a lesser restaurant that’s paying for the referrals.

“Think personally.”  I thought it was a redundant phrase but I’m really starting to like it!  How about you?

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  1. I attend a lot of these Conferences and Seminars, and the same main theme seems to run through all of these panel discussions, namely, nobody knows how to monetize the mobile device yet, and it is driving high level executives crazy. (those that are left anyway)

    The business buzzword for 2009 seems to be”Twitter”, and companies are watching these guys like a hawk to see how their business model works and if they can eventually actually make money from this thing. Then once that happens, everyone will steal it and modify it to fit their own needs. Nice plan, eh?

    By the way, you just got your 216th follower. Congrats!

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