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Yes, But Why?

Mobile phone evolution

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There’s a study out from Mojiva, a mobile ad network which says, unsurprisingly, that consumers click on mobile ads. I know – shocking coming from a company that has a vested interest in having marketers use the mobile ad environment. However, I can tell you from first hand experience with my clients that the click-through rates on mobile are pretty high. I’m not sure if it’s a function of presentation or exploration, but it’s less important than what happens (or doesn’t) next and that’s what I’d like to chat about. Continue reading

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Thinking Personally

I spent yesterday at the OMMA Mobile conference. Very interesting although it kind of felt like everything old is new again in some ways. Much of what we’ve gone through in the development of the web is being repeated in mobile, including the reluctance of marketers to embrace a medium that is way more developed than most of them understand.  Mobile devices (I don’t like to think of them as phones since that’s very limiting) are personal, PC‘s are not. There are several times as many mobile devices as there are phones and more and more of them have high speed data access and can run applications.  There was a ton of great research presented and I’ll have more on that at some other time. Continue reading

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Phone Insurance

Several mobile phones
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My eldest daughter is telephonically challenged.  It’s not that she has trouble using a cell phone – she’s got that part mastered.  No, she has issues keeping her cellular lifeline in one piece, out of “liquid”, and in her possession.  I guess this offsets her many wonderful qualities!

When it came time to buy her the latest replacement phone, she opted for a Blackberry.  Bigger, harder to lose, more functional, but way more expensive.  So we opted to pay AT&T the $5 a month to insure the thing in case anything ever happened.  Well, it did and what a revelation. Continue reading

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