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Doing Well By Doing It Right

A piece of research came out yesterday which talked about how online commerce sites treated their customers and, in turn, how those customers felt about returning to do more business.  The study was done by Foresee Results and you can download a copy of it here if you’re so inclined.

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I worked with Foresee when I was involved with the NHL’s online commerce business and I always found their insights valuable, mostly because they’re very actionable.  I suppose it doesn’t take a great deal of research to figure out that the more satisfied a customer is the greater the likelihood that they’ll do more and better business with you, but isn’t it nice to have data?

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Burp Then Buy!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving feasts. apparently, a lot of folks ate and ran for their cars – not to get home before Aunt Sally passed out but to the stores to get a head start on their shopping for the next holidays. I was really surprised about how the Thanksgiving Day newspaper had several pounds worth of ads, in many cases for sales that would be over before many of us were getting out of bed on Friday.
One mistake anyone commenting on things can make is to assume that the way in which we see the world is the norm, and so while I’d never ponder running to a store to try to be one of the lucky 10 people who actually can get the $2 waffle iron (hopefully without a dose of pepper spray as occurred in some places), I know others do.  But while retail sales were up vs. a year ago, comScore reported something interesting occurring over the weekend. Continue reading

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Yes, But Why?

Mobile phone evolution

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There’s a study out from Mojiva, a mobile ad network which says, unsurprisingly, that consumers click on mobile ads. I know – shocking coming from a company that has a vested interest in having marketers use the mobile ad environment. However, I can tell you from first hand experience with my clients that the click-through rates on mobile are pretty high. I’m not sure if it’s a function of presentation or exploration, but it’s less important than what happens (or doesn’t) next and that’s what I’d like to chat about. Continue reading

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