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Who’s The Wise Guy?

Friday afternoon my phone rang. It was an insurance salesperson. Now, that’s not particularly unusual, I know, but what was strange was that he said he was following up the request I had submitted earlier that day for information. I hadn’t done that but figured it was a typical sales thing and didn’t give it any further thought. Or at least not until I checked my electronic mailbox, which is when the real fun started. Continue reading

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Midtown Manhattan, New York City, from Rockefe...

We moved the eldest daughter from one apartment to another in NYC over the weekend. While she hasn’t yet accumulated the vast amount of “stuff” we all do over the years that necessitate bigger and bigger spaces to contain it, she had enough that we needed to rent a truck to move it 60 blocks uptown. And that’s when the fun began. Continue reading

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Phone Insurance

Several mobile phones
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My eldest daughter is telephonically challenged.  It’s not that she has trouble using a cell phone – she’s got that part mastered.  No, she has issues keeping her cellular lifeline in one piece, out of “liquid”, and in her possession.  I guess this offsets her many wonderful qualities!

When it came time to buy her the latest replacement phone, she opted for a Blackberry.  Bigger, harder to lose, more functional, but way more expensive.  So we opted to pay AT&T the $5 a month to insure the thing in case anything ever happened.  Well, it did and what a revelation. Continue reading

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