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Same Old Same Old?

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I don’t get what all the fuss is about.  Or maybe I do.  See, lots of folks seem very disturbed by the fact that they’re doing the same old thing in new and different ways.  Sort of like when you get a new TV and the remote is different.  You’re doing the same old thing but in a different way.

“Get to the point, bozo.”  Right.  Radio’s the point today, the oldest of our broadcast media. It’s changing more than the others.  But it’s still the same. Continue reading

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Joined At The Hip

Vegetables (and some fruit) for sale on a stre...

Suppose you went to the supermarket today to buy some vegetables but when you went to pay you were told you had to buy soda as well.  The store manager (who you demanded to see, of course) calmly lets you know that the store doesn’t make enough margin on vegetable sales alone while they make a ton on soda so they’ve bundled them together.  It’s a financial decision, and the fact that you don’t really drink much soda isn’t their problem.  They won’t sell you one without the other.  Ridiculous?  Maybe for groceries.  But you’ve been doing this for years. Continue reading

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What You Got Is Gone

The current logo of Fox Television

Like many (OK – MOST) of my neighbors, I woke up Saturday morning without several TV channels available to me.  I’m sure you’ve read about the dispute between Fox and Cablevision over what the distributor is going to pay the programming service.  It’s not the first (we lost Food Network over the holidays for a bit) or the last dispute of this sort and I’m not going to take sides.

Instead, I want to raise something this dispute got me thinking about.  High-def TV. Continue reading

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Open Kitchens

Chefs, open kitchen - Bella Vedere - blurred

Since it’s Friday, let’s discuss food or, actually, food prep. Say you’re opening a restaurant. Would you have an open or a closed kitchen? An open kitchen is one where the diners can see in. Sometimes it’s enclosed by glass; often it’s just open. A closed kitchen is..well..closed. Personally, I don’t think it’s really a choice but that’s based on other businesses so let’s discuss. Continue reading

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Prime-Time Apps?

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I’m not sure what to make of a new report out the other day from Flurry, a firm that tracks applications running under iOS, the iPhone’s operating system.  On the one hand, it reminded me of the power of aggregated numbers; on the other hand it contains a few comparisons I think might be sort of specious.  But as we do in matters of this sort, let me lay out a few things and you make up your own mind. Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Fence

Henry Moore, Reclining Figure, 1951, Fitzwilli...

This will come as a shock to those of you who know me pretty well. I took Studio Art when I was in college. That’s right – the guy whose handwriting is indecipherable (no Catholic school education here, kids) tried to make pretty pictures (and failed miserably although I passed the course).
The reason I bring this up is that I did something way out of my comfort zone that actually helped me later in my business life (although who knew at the time). No, not because I could do a great job on the white-board (my diagrams are awful and that’s being generous). It helped because I got a look over the fence at real artists and here’s how it helped. Continue reading

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It IS Up To You!

I’m really sad the some business people continue to operate with blinders on.  Notice that I said “sad” and not “surprised” although I wish that were the case.  I was taught at a pretty young age that ignorance is no excuse for bad behavior – if you do wrong and break a law, even unknowingly, the bottom line is that you broke the law.  The case I’m going to point to isn’t a “law” per se – it’s more of a moral dilemma.  But I’ll put it out there and let you tell me. Continue reading

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