I Am Iron Chef

Iron Chef

We’ve made it to Friday and our food-themed post of the week and this time it’s about one of the seminal cooking shows Iron Chef.  The first time I saw this show I was blown away.  Yes, there was the whole dubbed kung-fu movie vibe but more than anything was just the notion of walking into a kitchen, being handed a theme, and having an hour to do your best work creating as many different dishes as you can cook.  Frankly, the American version doesn’t hold a cleaver to the original from Japan although the cooking skills are just as impressive.  The bonds between the two, besides the format and the references to “The Chairman”,  are Masaharu Morimoto, a chef from the original show who has moved to the US and runs some very fine restaurants, and the ubiquitous Bobby Flay who actually was on the Japanese program twice (the first time to great controversy) and now is an American Iron Chef.

Oh, and me, of course.
That’s right – I am an Iron Chef.  Well, not in the kitchen.  If you waltzed me down the aisle of Kitchen Stadium and gave me an hour, I’d get whipped like the biggest soufflé you’ve ever seen.  Sure, I can cook, but it would be like asking a third-grader to write Shakespeare – the language and some of the words are the same but…

However, I do what they do every day.  I drop into clients’ stadia, get handed a theme ingredient, and have a limited amount of time to come up with a masterpiece or two.  Yep – an Iron Chef, although my kitchen has a computer and a phone in lieu of knives and a stove.  My skills, knowledge of the subject matter, and creativity are what win the day.

In fact, aren’t we all expected to be Iron Chefs within our own businesses?  We’re supposed to have the ability to face whatever challenges are thrown at us and using the ingredients at hand come up with something delicious, original, and praiseworthy.  Our work gets judged and there are, very often, no second chances to fix things, just as the Iron Chefs must get it right the first time.

And now, “Allez cuisine“!

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