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I Am Iron Chef

Iron Chef

We’ve made it to Friday and our food-themed post of the week and this time it’s about one of the seminal cooking shows Iron Chef.  The first time I saw this show I was blown away.  Yes, there was the whole dubbed kung-fu movie vibe but more than anything was just the notion of walking into a kitchen, being handed a theme, and having an hour to do your best work creating as many different dishes as you can cook.  Frankly, the American version doesn’t hold a cleaver to the original from Japan although the cooking skills are just as impressive.  The bonds between the two, besides the format and the references to “The Chairman”,  are Masaharu Morimoto, a chef from the original show who has moved to the US and runs some very fine restaurants, and the ubiquitous Bobby Flay who actually was on the Japanese program twice (the first time to great controversy) and now is an American Iron Chef.

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