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If you’ve been playing along with the home version of our game you know that I’ve been on a jury in a civil trial for the past couple of weeks.  The trial is over, the jury dismissed and so I’m able to write all about it, which I’m not going to do in great detail.  However, the basis upon which we rendered our verdict got me thinking and, of course, it became a decent business lesson. Continue reading

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Jury Duty

Scales of Justice

From time to time, we all get the notice that we’re to appear for jury duty.  Like many of you, I would postpone that appearance and then pray that when I was supposed to go, court would be canceled or my chair would be filled by other citizens with more time on their hands.  However, I got called in last week and actually ended up on a trial.  Obviously I can’t tell you anything about it. However, I do have a couple of observations that my civic duty has brought forward. Continue reading

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The Oldest Profession

You’re thinking I’m talking about the ladies of the night? Well, in a way I am, as you’ll see.  Today’s post is about the Craigslist controversy.  As you may have read, a number of states attorneys general have decided to get some publicity by singling out the online classified site for its “erotic services” section. From what I gather, a number of escorts, “masseuses” and plain old hookers use the site to troll for clients. Easier than standing on a corner, I guess, although the principle is the same.  Continue reading

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