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The Tools

I got into one of those conversations a couple of weeks ago.  You know the ones:  something is so obvious to you and yet you don’t seem to make your point clearly.  No, the conversation wasn’t about politics although it does seem as if most political conversations would fit my description.  This one was about buying search ads but it just as easily could have been about Facebook, Twitter, or any number of other easily accessible digital tools.

At one point, the other party mentioned that they could do what I and a couple of others who are assisting them are doing on their behalf far less expensively either by doing it themselves or by hiring a “kid” part-time.  Putting aide that in essence a consultant is part-time help, I remembered the old joke about Henry Ford and Tesla identifying a problem area in 5 seconds – it’s $1 for making the mark and $9,999 for knowing where to make it.  A good thing to keep in mind and let me explain. Continue reading

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What a week!  Meetings disrupted, things rescheduled and more snow on the way.  Fortunately, in the near term it’s Friday so we can celebrate another installment of Foodie Friday Fun.  In all candor, at this point I’d take a Monday in May right now over a weekend with snow in the forecast.

The second half of the quick-fire challenge on Top Chef last week was interesting.  Having succeeded at cutting fish to Le Bernardin‘s supremely high standards, the winners were asked to cook using the waste materials.  That, of course sparked a business thought. Continue reading

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