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11 Minutes Of Revolution

This week’s TunesDay special comes from the most influential band of the last century and maybe of all time – The Beatles.

The Beatles

The Beatles

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last 50 years you’ve heard their music and specifically today’s song – “Revolution. However, you’ve probably never heard this version. It’s take 20 and extends the version that runs around 4 minutes into nearly 11.  This version surfaced in 2009 and is fascinating.  Have a listen:

This cut has been dubbed “Take Your Knickers Off” from Lennon‘s comment to the engineer at the start of the track.  Eventually it was split in two and became “Revolution” numbers 1 and 9 although in this form it’s really neither.  It’s sort of self-indulgent although the last several minutes contain moments of brilliance.  Even Yoko sounds interesting!  After much back and forth about the song, the band decided to re-cut it – faster, louder, and with what are now its signature distorted guitars for the single.  Which is the business point today.

Everyone needs an editor.  Great artists can self-edit up to a point and in the case of The Beatles that editing by committee served them well.  Most of us in business aren’t quite so smart.  We generally try to accomplish things on our own – creating products, ads, reports, or whatever.  That’s a mistake.  No matter how good we think our first drafts are, they need editing.

The best form comes when we give our draft to someone who is most like the intended audience and get a response.  It’s also important to build time into a project timetable to be able to step away from the work for a period and approach it having rested and lost the emotional attachment we all get to birthing a new work.  It’s much easier to cut away material that isn’t right or that might not be your best.

Every great author – even Shakespeare – had an editor.  If their work, as well as Lennon and McCartney‘s, can stand some editing, odds are ours can too.  Heck, you can get an example of that every day right here in this space!  Got it?

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Other Plans

Every once in a while, a song reminds you of something so basic that you’re embarrassed to have forgotten it.

John Lennon

I had an incident like that recently and I thought I’d help you guys to remember the principle as well. It’s from John Lennon‘s last album and it’s from Beautiful Boy, a song written to his son. But it might as well be etched in the cornerstone of every business in which I’ve ever worked. Continue reading

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How Do You Sleep?

Cover of "Imagine"
Cover of Imagine

John Lennon wrote a song on the Imagine album (back when we called them albums) called “How Do You Sleep?” and lately a number of events have me asking the same question.  All of this may come across as naive but I can’t understand how some folks sleep at night given the way in which they conduct their lives. Continue reading

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