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Winners store in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I wrote this before sundown yesterday so I wouldn’t have yet one more thing for which to atone. Given the rainy Sunday here in Connecticut, I spent the day watching a lot of sports. Then again, I send most sunny Sundays watching sports but it’s usually after I play golf. In any event, as I’m writing this, the Yankees have clinched another title, so have both Phil and Tiger, Jimmy Johnson, 4-time NASCAR champ has won yet another race, The Giants and Pats both won and all of that makes sense. They’re winners. Continue reading

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What Are We Doing

A baseball game at Shea Stadium

Today I’m raising a question for which I don’t really have an answer.  I guess it’s more of an observation and perhaps we can all figure out the answer together.

I’ve spent a good number of years in the sports business.  I love it because it’s a business about which people are passionate, both the folks who work in it and the fans who consume it.  But lately I’ve asked myself what we’re doing to those fans and I had a conversation the other day which really raised my level of concern. Continue reading


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Citi Says Bye?

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The report this morning that Citi is thinking about getting out of their deal to sponsor the Mets’ new stadium is an important occurrence if it’s true.  While there have been other stories of marketers trying to undo deals they’ve made within the sports industry, the Citi deal would be, by far, the biggest of these deals to fall apart.   Continue reading

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