Winners store in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I wrote this before sundown yesterday so I wouldn’t have yet one more thing for which to atone. Given the rainy Sunday here in Connecticut, I spent the day watching a lot of sports. Then again, I send most sunny Sundays watching sports but it’s usually after I play golf. In any event, as I’m writing this, the Yankees have clinched another title, so have both Phil and Tiger, Jimmy Johnson, 4-time NASCAR champ has won yet another race, The Giants and Pats both won and all of that makes sense. They’re winners.
I don’t mean just yesterday. These individuals and organizations (and remember that even these individuals are parts of organizations) have histories of great performances over long periods of time. If they were interview candidates, you’d look at their resumes and hand them a blank check because you’d want them working for you.

Yes, The Mets and Cubs and Jets and lots of other “losers” step up and win once in a while but over time, one wouldn’t point to them as winners.  People and businesses are the same.  The trick is to identify the ones that win and make sure those are the partners and employees you include in your dealings.  Revelatory?  Maybe not.  But too many of us are willing to make the easy hire or the easy deal instead of doing the digging to ferret out the winners.

It’s amazing what one can learn about real life from sports!  Did you learn anything this weekend?

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