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Careful Please

Hands up – how many of you sat around the Thanksgiving table and professed thanks for the gifts you’ve been given while secretly wishing for something more? What do I mean? Oh you know – maybe more money, more ability at something, better looks? I mean – how many of you at some point wanted to be…um..Tiger? And how many of you would want to be in his shoes today? Not me, thanks. Continue reading

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Citi Says Bye?

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The report this morning that Citi is thinking about getting out of their deal to sponsor the Mets’ new stadium is an important occurrence if it’s true.  While there have been other stories of marketers trying to undo deals they’ve made within the sports industry, the Citi deal would be, by far, the biggest of these deals to fall apart.   Continue reading

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Your Long Term Plan

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One of the things we used to do every year in the TV business was our 5 year plan. We’d project out ratings and revenues and expenses and someone in the accounting department would make sense of it all. The same sort of exercises went on then (25 years ago) at most businesses, as they do now, which is wonderful except for one thing. Continue reading

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