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The Budget

U.S. Federal Spending FY 2008

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I think we all know by now that politics is not a topic of conversation in this space.  However, sometimes things going on  in politics lead us to insights about business and hopefully that’s the case today.

You’re probably aware that there’s a “discussion” of sorts going on with respect to the Federal Budget (I use quotes because it often seems to be less of a discussion than a topic about which to issue press releases stressing one’s unwavering position as if that’s helping us all).    I’m kind of amused that all we seem to hear about is how we need to cut spending (we do) and not a lot about how to grow revenues.  Which of course got me thinking about it in business terms. Continue reading

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You vs. You

One of the big mistakes I have seen over and over during my business career has been executives negotiating against themselves.  I’m not talking about simple role-playing to sort out how best to attack a problem.  What I mean is a group of businesspeople sitting together to plan strategy or review a contract and talking themselves out of a deal point because they believe that the other side won’t go for it even though they’ve heard nothing from the other side.   Dummies!  Here’s what I think is a better approach. Continue reading

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Your Long Term Plan

A rouletted revenue stamp, US 1898
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One of the things we used to do every year in the TV business was our 5 year plan. We’d project out ratings and revenues and expenses and someone in the accounting department would make sense of it all. The same sort of exercises went on then (25 years ago) at most businesses, as they do now, which is wonderful except for one thing. Continue reading

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