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Paperless Books

Today’s title might have been seen as an oxymoron just a few years ago.  I mean, the notion of a “book” without paper was as unrealistic as book publishers graciously declining to publish an author’s work and doing so promptly.

Then came e-readers which some said would hurt the book industry.  As with the music business, book publishers did whatever they could to prevent digital downloads of books by charging exorbitant prices (the same prices as if the book had to be printed on paper) and refusing to allow certain titles to go digital.  With the Kindle and other reading devices reaching scale (roughly 15% of American readers have one), the industry has come to recognize that porting content to another platform may be disruptive in the short-term but potentially a great thing over time.  Want more proof? Continue reading

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One Size Fits All

Large and small skillets

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It’s Friday and our food-related theme for the day involves tools.  Kitchen tools, specifically.  Let me ask you to think about how many assorted gadgets, pots, mini-appliances and other tools you have stashed in your kitchen?  If you’re like me, you have dozens.  There are many knives of different sizes – chefs knives, boning knives, paring knives, and others.  There are pans with different profiles which I use depending on whether I’m sautéing, braising, making a sauce, or frying.  Even the materials for similar pans can be different – I have cast-iron and stainless pans of the same size and profile yet use them very differently.

I was at a tech event the other night and that exact thought came to mind as we talked about technology.  How did that happen? Continue reading

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Looking Past What You See

What’s among the hottest categories of gifts this holiday season? E-readers. Seems like everyone either has one, is giving one, or is getting one. I know of quite a few folks who are installing the Kindle software on their iPads to accomplish the same task. Hey – that’s pretty amazing – I just mentioned 2 hot items that didn’t exist a couple of years ago but now are everywhere.
As with a lot of things, I think it’s interesting to take a look back, so here are a few direct quotes to help you remember. Continue reading

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Stolen Cars

Suppose someone steals your Escalade.  Your car is important to you in many ways beyond the thousands of dollars it cost you.  It might get you to work so your livelihood depends on it.  You use it to go to the store.  You drive to pick up your kids.  It’s important, right?  Let’s further suppose that you have OnStar activated in the car and you’ve paid your $200 for the yearly subscription.  The good folks at GM will use the system to help the police find your vehicle since not only have they sold you the car and taken your support money but they have a vested interest in you remaining a customer when you go to buy your next vehicle.  Common sense, it seems.  Well, based on this article from yesterday’s NY Times, apparently not to everyone. Continue reading

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No, You Don’t

Nuevo Kindle de Amazon

Some of you may be aware of the controversy Amazon has caused by deleting copies of a book from customers’ Kindles. Ironically, it’s the Orwell book “1984”, where Big Brother is always watching. But this post isn’t about that. Instead, it’s about a quote that appears at the very end of a piece the NY Times wrote on Sunday. Continue reading

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