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One Size Fits All

Large and small skillets

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It’s Friday and our food-related theme for the day involves tools.  Kitchen tools, specifically.  Let me ask you to think about how many assorted gadgets, pots, mini-appliances and other tools you have stashed in your kitchen?  If you’re like me, you have dozens.  There are many knives of different sizes – chefs knives, boning knives, paring knives, and others.  There are pans with different profiles which I use depending on whether I’m sautéing, braising, making a sauce, or frying.  Even the materials for similar pans can be different – I have cast-iron and stainless pans of the same size and profile yet use them very differently.

I was at a tech event the other night and that exact thought came to mind as we talked about technology.  How did that happen? Continue reading

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Looking Past What You See

What’s among the hottest categories of gifts this holiday season? E-readers. Seems like everyone either has one, is giving one, or is getting one. I know of quite a few folks who are installing the Kindle software on their iPads to accomplish the same task. Hey – that’s pretty amazing – I just mentioned 2 hot items that didn’t exist a couple of years ago but now are everywhere.
As with a lot of things, I think it’s interesting to take a look back, so here are a few direct quotes to help you remember. Continue reading

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No, You Don’t

Nuevo Kindle de Amazon

Some of you may be aware of the controversy Amazon has caused by deleting copies of a book from customers’ Kindles. Ironically, it’s the Orwell book “1984”, where Big Brother is always watching. But this post isn’t about that. Instead, it’s about a quote that appears at the very end of a piece the NY Times wrote on Sunday. Continue reading

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