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When To Shut Up

It’s time to end the week on a food-related note as is our custom here. I was out last evening with some former work colleagues, most of whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while. It was fantastic to see them and to catch up. Most were pleasantly surprised at the physical changes I’ve been making and a few pulled me aside to know how they could do the same. I explained it to them as I did to you all in this space.
Someone ordered some snacks for the group to enjoy as we conversed and imbibed. It was the usual bar food fairly even divided between the pretty healthy yet tasty (veggie plates, humus) and utter crap but so delicious (fried mozzarella).  What was interesting to me was who chose to eat (and drink) what – some of the same people who expressed a desire to get healthier were eating the junk and drinking fruity, high sugar drinks.  And that’s where the business lesson came in. Continue reading


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What Looks Good

Produce Stand

Image by vgm8383 via Flickr

For today’s Foodie Friday Fun, I want to talk a bit about shopping. I don’t know how you shop for food but I generally don’t go with a list. Oh sure, at my age I write a bunch of stuff down so I don’t forget things that I need to buy but they tend to be the non-food items or staples for the pantry.  The menu is generally dependent on what looks good.  Of course I have a vague idea of what I want but I’m rarely married to a menu.  This drives the other shopper in the house (to whom I really am married) crazy, especially when she’s the one going to the store and the meal instructions are “buy what looks good.”


Of course, you just know that there’s a business point lurking in here… Continue reading

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Short Pasta

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This Foodie Friday the theme is sauces.  I was watching some golf highlights on TV and of course sauces came to mind immediately.  I know – my just having said the word makes you think that as well.  Or maybe not.  So let me explain and you might even see the business point that came to mind.

Let me say up front that what I’m about to say isn’t unique to golf highlights as you’ll see in a minute.  I’m watching the highlight and up from the lower portion of the screen comes a graphic describing what I’m seeing (no, the closed captioning wasn’t on..).  The graphic obscures a good 15% of the screen and all of the lower part.  The issue is that the hole was in the lower part and so the viewer never actually sees the highlight of the ball going in the hole (or maybe it nearly missed – who could tell).  What does this have to do with sauces? Continue reading

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The Food Court

La Feria del CCCT, Chuao, Caracas

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For today’s Foodie Friday Fun post I want to talk about what the food court tells us about media.  I know – exactly what you were thinking about yourself.  But there really is an analogy in there.

I’m sure you’ve wandered around the mall and as you get to the food court you’ve had folks come up to you with samples of food.  Maybe you had the same experience at the supermarket or Costco.  Sampling isn’t exactly a new strategy, even in media.  Movies have been giving away samples – the “coming attractions” – for as long as I can remember.  So what’s different and why is it important? Continue reading

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Kitchen Bouquet and Your Business

Haole Loco Moco - 10

It’s Friday and so we turn our attention to something food-related. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I took notice of something in the store the other day and it triggered a thought. The product was Kitchen Bouquet, which is something one might use in making gravy. Of course, it has business implications as well. Continue reading

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Egg On Their Faces

A fried egg, sunny side up.

Some things just make you shake your head and today’s USA Today brought along another one of them. It’s almost as if the aftermath of the BP spill never happened or, at best, as if some folks are either not paying attention or just not getting what they’re seeing and hearing.  I know it’s not Friday but this is food-related, sort of.  It’s really about business and responsibility in my mind but I’ll let you be the judge. Continue reading

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Italian Grandmas

It’s Friday, so let’s talk about food rather than the insane amount of snow that seems to be everywhere.

Mia Nonna - con gli anni la bellezza non passa..

Today’s food thought is about Italian grandmothers. They know everything about food and although I didn’t have one I borrowed my friend T’s Nonna. She taught me a little Italian but mostly she taught me a lot about food (my own grandmother taught me how to make reservations…) and that taught me a bit about business. Continue reading

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