Getting Slim

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So here we are at the end of another week and as usual we’re going to talk about food. Today, however, I want to talk a bit about how food and I have changed our relationship over the last few months and how that may actually relate to business. I’m also hoping it might be helpful to those of you who want to dump a few extra pounds as I recently did. 30 of them, to be exact, and aside from having to buy a bunch of new clothes for which I was overdue anyway, there’s only good that’s come of it. So how did I do it and how can this possibly be business-related?

First the food part.  No sugar (except what’s natural in the food) and definitely no foods where any sugar has been added.  Only complex carbs – whole grains (not just whole wheat) and not a lot of them.  I check the Glycemic Index of damn near everything I put into my mouth (lower is better) and watch calories.  More veggies, less fruit (you didn’t see that coming!).  Nothing white – rice, potatoes in any form, white pasta, etc.  Snacks are nuts, not chips (except my new fave, Beanitos which are made from beans).  Most importantly, I look at this as a life change and not a diet.  I continued to do the same exercise I did before the change.  I drink green tea every afternoon.  And here is a new acronym for you:  RTFL – Read The Friggin Label.  Don’t buy anything without reading the label for carbs, added sugar, fiber, etc.  In short, there’s nothing terribly revolutionary here – any doctor or dietician will tell you to do pretty much the same thing.

And that’s the business point.  We often get caught up in so many bad habits in our food lives that we hardly notice we’re gaining weight until suddenly we need new pants. It’s the same in business.  We do things we know aren’t good for us – ignore customers, fudge forecasts – you have a list, I’m sure – but we get away with it just as we continue to put on pounds but live our daily lives.  That is, of course, until one day our business gets sick or just too damn fat to move quickly in changing times.  Reading every label is paying attention to details and getting information based on fact.  That’s another critical business point.

As you read my little diet plan you probably shrugged and said “yeah, so he’s just eating better and avoiding crap.”  Right!  And that’s what we need to do in our business lives too – we all know what’s not good for us and all it takes is the willpower and discipline to fix it.  Making changes is hard and making them stick is even harder.  Businesses have their own inertia, just like our crappy diets.  They crave some of the bad things we do in them and in the name of making the quick buck just as our bodies crave sugar.  That may not be conducive to being around for the long haul.

You with me?

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