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Careful What You Wish For

I’m one of those people who is on the “we have to bail out the auto guys – they’ve screwed the pooch badly but are too big to fail” bandwagon.  I’ll save the histrionics about the hundreds of times over the last 30 years, when last you and I bailed out one of the Big 3, these guys made bad decisions for another post.  For now I want to focus on a plan these guys have to use the web and social media to plead their case. Continue reading

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But you got to have…

I’ve been traveling so this will be a quick end of week post.  A year ago, I went through some major changes in my life which began a year ago tomorrow.  I’ve discovered an awful lot about myself but also the answer to this quiz:

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XBox Redux

Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase

I used to be a die-hard Playstation guy.  I spent many a happy hour on both the original and the PS2.  I had both an original XBox and a 360 and while I liked them, I haven’t really been in deep love.  It was kind of an ugly duckling – it had some potential but it was not really there.  I’m not a big fan of the controller (maybe I’m not the demo but they’re too damn complex for me) and while I signed up for XBox Live I never saw great benefit in it.  Until now. Continue reading

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Be Nice

Interesting pickup today by the folks at Lost Remote about an ad campaign run by The Austin Statesman.  They’re using TV commercials to rip TV news as you can see from this video

I’ve got a number of issues with this. Continue reading

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An Aston Martin DB5 as seen in Goldfinger.

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I love a good thriller.  There is something about the Bond movies, the Bourne books, and others of that ilk that make us fearful yet happy all at the same time.  Inevitably, these books and movies are about a serious situation that threatens a large number of people and involves a lot of money.  The really scary thing is that we had a real one of these recently and it’s going to make a terrific piece even though no one gets shot. Continue reading

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