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Face Masks

Swine Flu Maximise protection 0 H1N1 Influenza...

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I woke up Friday morning with a cold. By Saturday it had taken root throughout my body and I had the classic chills (and a very low grade fever), no energy, a rattle in my chest and a head that felt as if it needed a sump pump. A very pleasant weekend indeed!
Since I stopped commuting on trains and riding in elevators every day I haven’t been sick at all. This isn’t a coincidence and I had been on a train, in an elevator, on the subway, and in a number of offices early last week. I’m sure sniffles abounded. As did a business point. Continue reading

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Continental Food

New Year's Eve fireworks in India
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Well, we’ve made it to the end of another week and, as is our habit, today’s post is about food. Today, however, I need your help with some.   Not with the food itself  but with some menu planning.  One of the traditions here at Rancho Deluxe is the preparation of a New Year’s Eve feast.  Continue reading

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