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Bye 2010

Fireworks #1

It’s Friday so we’ll do something food related but it’s also New Year’s Eve so let’s have a bit of a party.  Hopefully you read this screed enough to know that besides business and digital media we spend a bit of time on my two other favorite topics:  golf and food.  Because this is the last post of 2010, I thought it might be fun to combine them.  Recipes from a golf course chef?  Not a chance.  Way more fun than that! Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

umair shuaib.
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I’m a big fan of New Year’s Day.  Not only is there a lot of high-quality football (OK, and hockey) to watch but there are generally great leftovers and no rules on eating all kinds of bad snack food while you do your best speed-bump imitation on the couch.  Of course, I like it for other reasons as well. Continue reading

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Continental Food

New Year's Eve fireworks in India
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Well, we’ve made it to the end of another week and, as is our habit, today’s post is about food. Today, however, I need your help with some.   Not with the food itself  but with some menu planning.  One of the traditions here at Rancho Deluxe is the preparation of a New Year’s Eve feast.  Continue reading

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