Happy New Year!

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I’m a big fan of New Year’s Day.  Not only is there a lot of high-quality football (OK, and hockey) to watch but there are generally great leftovers and no rules on eating all kinds of bad snack food while you do your best speed-bump imitation on the couch.  Of course, I like it for other reasons as well.Everything is NEW!  It’s a NEW calendar with NEW quotes or photos or just a different number on it.  It’s a time when many people make resolutions as to changing their life.  Quit smoking.  Lose weight.  Be a better brother/sister/parent/child/person.

But why can’t January 2 or April 5 or August 5 be New Year’s Day too?  We can change the paradigms of our business decisions and our personal decisions every day if we’re so inclined.  Sure, people like me, we pesky outsiders, become the catalysts through which businesses, and sometimes people, do that.  But many of us have done it ourselves.  You can too (but  you should hire me anyway ;-)).

I had a fantastic journey this year, some of which I’ve been sharing with you guys.  Thanks for coming along.  I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and a great day or two or four off.

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