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New Year's Eve fireworks in India
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Well, we’ve made it to the end of another week and, as is our habit, today’s post is about food. Today, however, I need your help with some.   Not with the food itself  but with some menu planning.  One of the traditions here at Rancho Deluxe is the preparation of a New Year’s Eve feast.  This year my friends and I (it’s a group effort) decided to build our menu around the continents.  So far, we’re going to be having a black bean soup from North America, pasta from Europe, chicken or shrimp from India (Asia), vegetables (probably some form of root – yams?) from Africa (Moroccan couscous seemed redundant after the pasta course), and wine from Australia (may shift to South America).

We’re stuck on Antarctica.  So today’s brief post is to ask if anyone has any ideas on how to mix and match the menu so each continent is represented.  Wine, veggies, entree – whatever – we can be flexible.  Anyone?

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  1. kc

    You can go outside and get some damn snow and you’ll have Antarctica! Floridians prefer black bean soup and BCS Championship games.

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