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Getting Found

Perhaps the biggest challenge in business is “discoverability.”  That’s just a fancy term for your business getting found.  If you’re a bricks and mortar operation, it might mean an eye-catching sign.  If you’re a digital business or a business that has a digital presence (are there any businesses that don’t?), it means doing the work needed so that when customers are using the web they can find your site.

That concern is something I get asked about by clients all the time.  They hear about Search Engine Optimization but don’t understand what it is or how to do it.  I’ll preface this by saying I don’t profess to be an SEO expert.  I can, however, get clients through the rudiments, take care of the technical basics, and, if our work shows results, bring in a resource to do the advanced stuff.  So with that in mind, let’s spend a minute on how your business can be more discoverable.

You might find this odd, but the answer is simpler now than it was a few years ago.  Many of the technical parts of SEO are no longer as important as they once were.  What’s important is a recurring theme here in the screed: focus on your customers or prospects.  Making your site content useful to a shopper will have the effect, in most cases, of being great SEO.  What do I mean?

People search either to buy something, to find a place and get there, or to find information.  The latter is why you do informational content (like this blog), the former are product pages, etc.  Making every page of your site clear with respect to what question you’re answering or problem you’re solving with probably mean you’re using the words people (not robots) use to find answers.  That’s good SEO because it is focused on user experience.

Yes, there are a couple of technical things you should do (good title tags is the main one) and you need to hope that people build links to your content (they will if it’s great!).  But the most important thing you can do in order to enhance discoverability is to be useful and clear.  For those of you who are hearing from SEO experts that want to charge you a fortune, you’re welcome (mail me – I’ll tell you where to send the check).  For all of you, I hope that helped.  Did it?

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How Many Doors In Your House?

I know very little about Feng Shui and I’m not sure how I ended up looking at this statement on a web page but as I found out:

In feng shui, the main door to your home is very important. A house with many doors can create chaos with too much chi energy entering and leaving the home. This can impact various areas of your life, including finances, health, career and especially your relationships.

Feng shui symbol

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Naturally, this said a lot to me about what’s going on with a number of the web sites on which I work.  Does it say the same to you?  Let me explain. Continue reading

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One of the more esoteric things I work on with clients is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I’ll tell you upfront, as I do my clients, that I’m not an SEO specialist but the reality is that many of these folks are at 0 on a scale of 1 to 10 and I can get them to 6 or 7. If they want more help from there, we’ll bring in a specialist.
SEO for you non-search types is a variety of tasks that improve a site’s ranking in search engines. Since a huge percentage of web usage involves search, where you rank in the search results can have a big effect on your web success. Sounds technical and complex, right? Well, sorry to burst everyone’s balloon, but like many things in business, it’s actually fairly simple if you focus on one thing. Continue reading

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Art vs. Science

One of the hottest topics I find myself discussing with clients these days is Search Engine Optimization.  the reason for this is that the biggest challenge today, unless your name is Google, Yahoo, or MSN, is for people to be able to FIND your content.  Most trips to the web begin with a search of some sort so how your content bubbles up in natural search results (as opposed to paid ones) is important.  But I’m left with a weird feeling about it. Continue reading

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