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Find A Chair

American City Diner

Two of us sat down for a breakfast meeting this morning. We sat in a booth big enough for six awaiting the third member of our group. Before he got there, the two of us joked about on which side of the booth he would sit. Would it reflect on which of us he preferred? Maybe it was about who he’d rather watch eat? As we talked, up walked our friend. He smiled, said hello, and gave us the answer. Continue reading

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Second Guessing

German: as in English a Puck, Russian: schajba...

I hope you watched the USA/Canada hockey game last night. If you love the intensity of international sport played at the highest levels, it was the proverbial “must-see TV.” In my mind the only way the game could have been elevated to another level would have been had it been the medal round. But the preliminary round is where statements are made.

As someone who has watched a lot of hockey I can tell you that this was Stanley Cup playoff intensity and skill and it only is going to get better. Which is why I can’t understand why there is so much second guessing going on this morning and that provides some thoughts that are about both sport and business. Continue reading

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One of the great food cities on the planet is New Orleans and the single biggest event identified with the city is Mardi Gras. Since it’s Foodie Friday I’m not going to focus on most kinds of debauchery occurring in New Orleans around that time nor specifically on the food  but, rather, on what comes later. That would be Lent. Continue reading

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