Second Guessing

German: as in English a Puck, Russian: schajba...

I hope you watched the USA/Canada hockey game last night. If you love the intensity of international sport played at the highest levels, it was the proverbial “must-see TV.” In my mind the only way the game could have been elevated to another level would have been had it been the medal round. But the preliminary round is where statements are made.

As someone who has watched a lot of hockey I can tell you that this was Stanley Cup playoff intensity and skill and it only is going to get better. Which is why I can’t understand why there is so much second guessing going on this morning and that provides some thoughts that are about both sport and business.
Team Canada is loaded.  I think half the team are Captains on their NHL clubs and the high leadership quotient is exceeded only by the tremendous skill levels these guys have.  They played a great game and kept the outcome in doubt right up until the very end.  They didn’t lose because of a poorly played game; the other guys were just better/luckier last night.

But you’d never know that from reading a number of Canadian papers and blogs this morning.   Should the coach (who has led his team to the Stanley Cup a few times) have started the goalie he did (who is probably the best goalie in hockey history)?  Should certain guys even be on the team?  It’s pure second-guessing…

to criticize or question actions or decisions of (someone) often after the results of those actions or decisions are known

…and I think that’s low whether it’s sports or business.  If you have an opinion about something, voice it before the results are known.  You look at the archives on the blogs or papers for something that questions the 100 things they’re questioning today and you draw a blank.  20/20 hindsight doesn’t do anyone any good unless it’s honest assessment from which learnings are taken for next time.  Self-aggrandizement when the result is known, whether it’s business or hockey, is self-serving and the actions of a snake.

You with me?

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