Find A Chair

American City Diner

Two of us sat down for a breakfast meeting this morning. We sat in a booth big enough for six awaiting the third member of our group. Before he got there, the two of us joked about on which side of the booth he would sit. Would it reflect on which of us he preferred? Maybe it was about who he’d rather watch eat? As we talked, up walked our friend. He smiled, said hello, and gave us the answer.He pulled up a chair from the adjacent table and put it at the end of the booth, a solution neither of us had even considered.  It’s amazing how often that happens when you think about it.  People spend a lot of time discussing arguing over what might be the best solution when they haven’t really considered what all the potential solutions might be.

As businesspeople, it seem to me that the first thing the agenda when figuring things out ought to be to cast as wide a net as possible.  Obviously, we forgot that there were more than two sides to our table and I’m sure you’ve realized the same sort of unrecognized possibility existed when you look back on problems.

So today’s thought is that we all need to find the chairs that lurk out there.  Not everyone likes to sit in the booth even while sitting at the booth.

Pull up a chair – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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