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Dixie Chicken

“Tell me a story” is a phrase you hear a lot as a parent. When the kids don’t want to go right to bed, they’ll use it to stall. When they are feeling anxious, they’ll use it to gain some calming certainty. Stories predate written history and telling them is an art form. We all know a few great jokes (many of which aren’t for this space in my case…).  Told well, those can be great stories.  When you set a great story to music, you have a great song. Continue reading

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The Fever

Ever had something on your mind that won’t go away?  Ever been so obsessed with a person or a thing that you can’t sleep or eat or focus?  Then, my friend, you’ve got The Fever.  While sometimes people who have it become delusional or psychotic, I like to think of it as a healthy obsession and it is, in my mind, what you want your business or brand or product to generate. Continue reading


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The first Super Bowl was played in 1967, as co...
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Every sporting event has a break of some sort during which everyone involved – players, fans, coaches, announcers – catch their breaths, adjust their strategy (another chili dog or time for dessert?) and get ready to push to the finish. In football it’s halftime. But this weekend, football IS halftime. Continue reading


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