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Every sporting event has a break of some sort during which everyone involved – players, fans, coaches, announcers – catch their breaths, adjust their strategy (another chili dog or time for dessert?) and get ready to push to the finish. In football it’s halftime. But this weekend, football IS halftime.
Yep. The Super Bowl has always been winter’s halftime to me. The push to warm weather, golf, and a driveway not covered in ice is coming up. As a businessperson, I always enjoyed going to the game. It was that chance to see lots of your business contacts in one place but more importantly, it was in a social setting where we could take a break from the formality of our day to day dealings and enjoy each other’s company. Kind of like walking the concourse between periods!  While the games tend to be anticlimactic (except for last year!), the socializing never is.

Speaking of the game, my prediction is a Steelers win in a close game by around a TD. 31-24 sounds about right to me.  Bruce will be great – his new album is – and if there is anyone who can make 12 minutes seem like 12 seconds, it’s him (frankly, if this game is typical, I’d rather have 3 hours of him and 12 minutes of football!).

So here’s to Winter’s Halftime, Corporate America’s Winter Break, the Super Bowl.  I’ve seen them all, been to a lot of them, and hope we’re all talking about the great commercials and even better game on Monday!

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2 responses to “Halftime

  1. kc

    For once, I think the 4th qtr was better than the ads, but AZ gaveaway the game with that 1st half lackluster effort on the int and waaay too many penalties.
    My top 3 ads were–
    1. Coke Zero spoof on Mean Joe
    2. Cash4Gold w/Ed McMahon & MC Hammer
    3. USA Network promo during postgame
    3A. Carnival Cruise Lines during postgame

    What were yours?

  2. Right on Keith – I’m all for winter to be half over! I like that idea… I’ll consider the 3rd quarter kickoff to be the countdown to Spring. There’s some great ad content I like at:


    Personally, I’m rooting for the ‘Cards, but I’ll easily take the Steelers + the points.

    Enjoying your blog, keep in touch…


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