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Stolen Cars

Suppose someone steals your Escalade.  Your car is important to you in many ways beyond the thousands of dollars it cost you.  It might get you to work so your livelihood depends on it.  You use it to go to the store.  You drive to pick up your kids.  It’s important, right?  Let’s further suppose that you have OnStar activated in the car and you’ve paid your $200 for the yearly subscription.  The good folks at GM will use the system to help the police find your vehicle since not only have they sold you the car and taken your support money but they have a vested interest in you remaining a customer when you go to buy your next vehicle.  Common sense, it seems.  Well, based on this article from yesterday’s NY Times, apparently not to everyone. Continue reading

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The Fever

Ever had something on your mind that won’t go away?  Ever been so obsessed with a person or a thing that you can’t sleep or eat or focus?  Then, my friend, you’ve got The Fever.  While sometimes people who have it become delusional or psychotic, I like to think of it as a healthy obsession and it is, in my mind, what you want your business or brand or product to generate. Continue reading


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