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When Is “Good” Good Enough?

Today’s question is “when is good good enough?”  All of us try to do the best we can at all times I’m sure, but is that always necessary?  What if you’re able to make a product of slightly lower quality that allows you to sell it for a lot less, thereby making it more accessible for consumers?  Maybe the consumer can tell the difference but I’ve got a bunch of real-world examples of things you might be using where I’ll bet you can’t.  Here’s why the issue matters. Continue reading

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Image by John Wardell (Netinho) via Flickr

One of the weird experiences of playing loud rock music is that of not being able to hear.  No, I don’t mean the dulled hearing that many of us ex-musicians are experiencing later in our lives.  What I’m talking about is standing 5 feet away from someone who is singing their lungs out and watching their lips move without hearing any of it.  Watch how most bands set up – the amplifiers are behind the musicians but the PA system speakers – the ones from which the vocals emanate – are in front of the band, closer to the audience.  This is why there are also usually monitors of some sort.

You’ve seen them, maybe without knowing what they were: the boxes in front of the band that face backwards.  Today, of course, those might be prompters that show the singers the lyrics (at one point I would have attributed that need to drugs and alcohol; now it’s usually age) since most musicians seem to wear ear monitors that let the singer hear whatever mix helps them stay on time and in tune.  Good business lesson too! Continue reading

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Raising Pulses

LAS VEGAS - JUNE 27:  Music artists Steve Winw...

When I use my treadmill, I’m a responsible guy and use a cardiac monitor at the same time. Can’t have the old guys over-doing it!  I also have a theory about not doing anything sans appropriate music.  With that in mind, I put on the CD from two other old guys – Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton. The toured together a while ago and have a live CD from the Madison Square Garden show – it’s really good.

So there I am cruising along at my usual pace and listening to the music.  All of a sudden, the treadmill starts slowing down and telling me “reducing speed to lower heart rate.”  I was doing my usual workout at a speed I hit all the time and yet for some reason, my heartbeat had elevated itself out of the acceptable range.  Not by much, but it was higher.  The culprit? Continue reading

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