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When Is “Good” Good Enough?

Today’s question is “when is good good enough?”  All of us try to do the best we can at all times I’m sure, but is that always necessary?  What if you’re able to make a product of slightly lower quality that allows you to sell it for a lot less, thereby making it more accessible for consumers?  Maybe the consumer can tell the difference but I’ve got a bunch of real-world examples of things you might be using where I’ll bet you can’t.  Here’s why the issue matters. Continue reading

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What Boxing Tells Us About Broadband

Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late to win a...

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Growing up, I used to follow boxing.  It was pretty easy to be a fan – there weren’t a lot of weight classes, there was a single sanctioning body that mattered so there was only one champion in each weight class, and it was on free TV (although pay TV didn’t exist yet) every week. In short, it was simple and fan friendly.  A high-quality product was made available each week and promoters and TV networks did everything they could to get me to watch.

What does this have to do with the broadband (and wireless for that matter) business? Continue reading

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Ralph Moneybags

I was pleasantly surprised last evening to receive an email from a old friend.  Attached to it was a photograph which you see off to the right.

Thanks Eric!

Thanks Eric!

No, it’s not the 4 Stooges although that would have been an appropriate moniker at the time.  It’s the cast and crew of a film shot in the late 60’s called “The Treasure of Ralph Moneybags” and seeing this shot made me think about how in many ways the digital world we’re in has helped and hurt what is now getting to be two generations of kids.

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