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When Is “Good” Good Enough?

Today’s question is “when is good good enough?”  All of us try to do the best we can at all times I’m sure, but is that always necessary?  What if you’re able to make a product of slightly lower quality that allows you to sell it for a lot less, thereby making it more accessible for consumers?  Maybe the consumer can tell the difference but I’ve got a bunch of real-world examples of things you might be using where I’ll bet you can’t.  Here’s why the issue matters. Continue reading

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The Promise

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As I was exercising this morning I put on “The Promise”, Bruce Springsteen‘s resurrection of a lot of material recorded 30 years ago during the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” sessions.  Many of the songs haven’t been heard before.  Some were hits for others (“Talk To Me”, “Because The Night”), and others were concert faves (“Rendezvous”) even though they hadn’t been formally relased.  You could also hear how some of these songs became others – the most obvious is “Racing In The Street” but besides a lyric change a few of these songs did make it in a different form on to “Darkness.”

The quality of this material raises the obvious question:  why has it taken 30 years and why didn’t it go on the original record 30 years ago?  And that’s the business lesson from Burce today. Continue reading

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