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Half Preggers

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Sometimes we figure out that we’re not a witch at all, I guess, but it’s also surprising how often that same sort of decision making is absent in the thinking about how some business decisions are approached. Continue reading


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Is We Stoopid?

faces of social television

I love having smart friends.  Inevitably, they make me think about things in different ways which is how we grow, right?  Today’s little bit of mental stimulation comes courtesy of @pudge44 via Twitter (you can get his particulars from his profile page) whom you should follow if you have any interest in sports, Autism, or just smarts.  In any event, here is a series of his tweets which raise a great question: Continue reading

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Me! Me! Me!

I’m sick of attention whores.  They’re noise, and there’s way too much going on of substance to have to spend the time separating their chaff from all the important wheat out there.  Unfortunately, we’ve become a culture that rewards these clowns and this week provided yet another perfect case. Continue reading


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Be a Better Boss Day

This is not yet another post about The Boss but about the day someone made up to honor them, not him. Apparently, October 16 is something called National Boss’s Day although having been a boss I don’t ever recall being saluted by my staff on this day. Then again, I don’t remember going in and handing my boss a box of chocolates either. But I think I might know why. Continue reading

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Don’t Touch!

Wet Paint

Ever deal with a hot stove or wet paint? Most of the time, the latter has a sign posted around it that says exactly what it is. Generally, most people avoid it but there’s always some genius who has to check it out by sticking a finger in to see how wet it really might be.
If you’re a parent, the hot stove lesson is teaching your kids to pay attention to feedback from others about things going on around them. I tell you it’s hot and if you ignore me you’re going to be sorry. Which is why I find something really perplexing. Continue reading

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Your Mother

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

In certain parts of New Yawk, one doesn’t speak of another’s mother unless one wishes to get grievously hurt. However, today let me talk to you about your mothers. My mother too. And my father, brother, sister, cousins, and other assorted relations. Yours too. You see, they’re the ones some folks seem to forget when they stop being people and put on their titles. Continue reading

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Where’s The Beef?

Clock in Kings Cross railway station

I can hear you holding your collective breath: where is today’s post? In all candor, I’m tapped out. I got nothing. Call in the reliever. It’s not as if there isn’t anything going on (with a reminder that we avoid politics). There is a new study on who clicks on online ads (fewer people than a year ago and only 8% of Internet users now account for 85% of all clicks). I have thoughts on that but there’s already been a lot written on the topic so I don’t think I have much to add.  Then again, that may be a lesson in and of itself. Continue reading

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