pot of chili

Back to our Foodie Fun Friday posts and today’s subject is chili. Now what the heck kind of a business lesson is there in chili? Well, I guess we’d have to understand what you mean by chili in the first place.
Some folks say chili can’t have beans. Others swear by them. Some folks think the meat should be cubed; others want it ground. Still others feel the meat isn’t needed at all and go all vegetarian.

The seasoning is another topic of discussion. Pre-made chili powders of all sorts are ranked and rated. Many people supplement those with some ground cumin. A lot of cooks think that anything pre-made is bogus and grind their own spice mixes from various peppers and herbs.  Do we add hot sauce?  Fresh tomatoes?  Stewed tomatoes?  What about beer?  In the pot or just to keep the cook happy?  What kind?  Decisions, decisions.

But with all of the above uncertainty, it’s all called chili and that’s my point.  How many business discussions are had when the participants are thinking completely different things as to the subject?  Take something as simple as “marketing.”  In some companies, it’s sales.  In others, it’s advertising and promotion.  Yet when people talk about the marketing budget, what’s included?

Do yourself a favor.  Before you get too invested discussing your position on anything, figure out what the heck you and the other participants are discussing.  I mean, barbecue in Carolina is very different from barbecue in Texas, as is chili.  You sure don’t want to be disappointed when you order!

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