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The Smell Test

Here’s the question for you this Foodie Friday.  Let’s say you pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and go to the fridge for some milk.  You notice that the “sell by” date has passed although it was only a few days prior.  What do you do?  If you’re like most folks, you do the smell test – you sniff the milk to see if it has an off odorand, therefore, might have something wrong with it.  It doesn’t have to be with foods that you think might be “off” either.  It’s a smart thing to give some produce – melons, for example – a quick sniff because the better, riper stuff has a fresher, more “melon-y” smell.

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Of course, we don’t just use the smell test in the kitchen or the supermarket, and that’s the point today. Continue reading

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That Smell

Tandoori Chicken, Mumbai

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The Mrs. and I went out for dinner the other night and since it’s Foodie Friday I thought that could serve as our food-related jumping off point.  It was an Indian restaurant, the latest branch of an excellent group.  We’ve eaten in two of their other places in nearby towns and were kind of excited to try something only a few minutes’ drive away.

The food was excellent – generous portions that were well prepared.  The service was good as well so you’re not going to get another customer service rant today.  However, we probably won’t be eating there again and the reason why is instructive. Continue reading

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