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The Wisdom of Barbers

Bugs Bunny forces Elmer Fudd into a barber's c...

I’ve been getting my hair cut by Tommy the barber for a long time.  Tommy is old school and I’ve written about him before. In all candor, he doesn’t give the greatest haircut but he is among the greatest of guys so I’m with him until the day he quits which, since he’s around 75 now, should have been about 10 years ago.  He won’t quit because, as he puts it, other people (his staff and customers) are depending on him.  This customer depends on him for philosophy as much as I do tonsorial expertise. Continue reading

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Teams Win

BOSTON - APRIL 20:  Alex Rodriguez #13 of the ...

It’s the height of baseball season so of course I’m just getting around to reading Joe Torre‘s book. Aside from the fact that it’s an amazing tale of how screwed up baseball was by steroids several years ago, there is a theme that goes through it which is one of the critical business lessons many folks have yet to learn. Continue reading


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