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Deceptive And Dumb

Ah, the wonders of snail mail. Seems to me that the only stuff that arrives in the non-electronic mailbox these days is magazines, bills, and junk. Oh sure, the occasional birthday or holiday card at the appropriate times of the year, but mostly it’s crap or bills.
That’s why it was pretty obvious that since the official looking “Refinance Notice” from the US Fannie Mae Relief Program wasn’t a bill, it was probably junk, at least to my eyes. The problem is that neither you or I, who wouldn’t be fooled by this, are there to explain it to the folks who won’t know any better. So let’s ask a business question. Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Barbers

Bugs Bunny forces Elmer Fudd into a barber's c...

I’ve been getting my hair cut by Tommy the barber for a long time.  Tommy is old school and I’ve written about him before. In all candor, he doesn’t give the greatest haircut but he is among the greatest of guys so I’m with him until the day he quits which, since he’s around 75 now, should have been about 10 years ago.  He won’t quit because, as he puts it, other people (his staff and customers) are depending on him.  This customer depends on him for philosophy as much as I do tonsorial expertise. Continue reading

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