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Here’s Why Facebook Mail Might Fail

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

I’m sure you’ve all read about Facebook adding email to their social platform.  If you didn’t know that you can read Gizmodo’s report here and there are lots of others out there.  It’s being mentioned as a Gmail killer and as a threat to Yahoo mail (the world’s biggest provider).  It incorporates email, SMS, Facebook messaging and chat.  Given that Facebook has half a BILLION people using its platform, it’s not hard to think that way.

But I don’t.  And here’s why. Continue reading

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Jelly Beans

These are my Jelly Belly jelly beans, and you ...

It’s Friday, so let’s start with something food-related.  As you can tell from the title, today it’s jelly beans.  Generally, these little balls of fun show up around Easter and sit in a dish until they get stale or melt together into an amorphous,  flavored ball.  However, if you worked with me over the last 20 years, you’d have found something quite different – food and today’s business thought. Continue reading

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If you use Gmail as your primary email provider, you had a problem yesterday. Gmail went down for a lot of the day.  From the thunder reverberating around the web, Twitter, and elsewhere, one would have thought the digital world had ended. Strangely, I use a Gmail account for my personal mail and never noticed a thing since I was accessing that mail via Blackberry yesterday. Aside from yet another example of how these machines are evil, sentient beings, the outage raises a bigger point in my mind. Continue reading

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