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Here’s Why Facebook Mail Might Fail

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I’m sure you’ve all read about Facebook adding email to their social platform.  If you didn’t know that you can read Gizmodo’s report here and there are lots of others out there.  It’s being mentioned as a Gmail killer and as a threat to Yahoo mail (the world’s biggest provider).  It incorporates email, SMS, Facebook messaging and chat.  Given that Facebook has half a BILLION people using its platform, it’s not hard to think that way.

But I don’t.  And here’s why. Continue reading

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Contact Lenses

A printed circuit board inside a mobile phone

Back this morning with a quick thought I had while reading about eMarketer‘s new study on trends in mobile. As an aside, it seems as if there isn’t anything disruptive (like the introduction of the iPhone was) in near future but that current trends will continue and accelerate.
But that’s not what struck me. One thing I noticed was the term “smart phone“. That’s part of what, in my opinion, has caused the acceptance and use by markets of this channel to have been delayed until recently: thinking about these things as phones. Continue reading

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