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Just Throwing It On The Wall

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One would think that as media gets more specific and measurable they’d get more efficient as well.  One would think, but one might just be way off the mark.  I say this after reading the results of the latest Harte-Hanks study on email.  More details in a minute but  while companies seem to be doing a better job of getting their messages delivered to their intended recipients, those recipients seem to read them far less often and aren’t reacting as conversions either.  In my mind, this is just throwing it up against the wall to see what sticks, but let’s see what you think. Continue reading

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Here’s Why Facebook Mail Might Fail

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I’m sure you’ve all read about Facebook adding email to their social platform.  If you didn’t know that you can read Gizmodo’s report here and there are lots of others out there.  It’s being mentioned as a Gmail killer and as a threat to Yahoo mail (the world’s biggest provider).  It incorporates email, SMS, Facebook messaging and chat.  Given that Facebook has half a BILLION people using its platform, it’s not hard to think that way.

But I don’t.  And here’s why. Continue reading

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The Cloud

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I use a number of services that live in the cloud – you probably do as well. Dropbox for file storage and sharing is one and it was down yesterday. Maybe you use Google’s suite of services – Gmail‘s outages have been well-documented and I know there have been issues with Google Docs as well. There are many others.
Beyond the cloud, many businesses have come to rely on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Each has suffered a significant outage recently and in the process the businesses built around them have suffered as well. So? Continue reading

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