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Reality Isn’t Just TV

American Idol

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You might watch one reality competition or another. There are lots of them and I’m sure there’s one to appeal to some interest of yours – singing (Idol), dancing (Stars), Golf (Big Break), Cooking (Top Chef, etc.), business (The Apprentice) – they’re all out there.
No laughing, but I was an Idol fan. I say “was” because I’m done with it now after last week. A contestant who clearly should have been in the top 5, if not won it all, was eliminated. Lots of folks blamed lazy voters. I don’t – and there’s a business point in there too. Continue reading

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Mug shot of Paris Hilton.

Celebrity endorsement has taken center stage with all that’s going on in Tiger’s world these days.  When you use a celebrity (or a sports league for that matter) in your marketing, what you’re really doing is borrowing brand equity.  That’s why I find what this article points to as so confusing:  why would anyone in the right mind want to associate themselves with this train-wreck? Continue reading

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Hell's Kitchen (U.S.

I haven’t written about Hell’s Kitchen in a bit and since we’re a good way into this season, I’ll take advantage of Foodie Fun Friday to do so. As you know, I think there are lots of business lessons we can learn from Gordon Ramsay‘s rants, but I was reminded of a big one this week. I also saw a clip this morning I want to share with you on the same theme. Continue reading

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Third Base

Paris Hilton at a press conference for GoYello...

A little bit of snark to start our week, I’m afraid.  One thing that continues to amaze me is the absolute vacuousness of much of the programming with which my daughters and their friends spend their time. I get the entire economics thing (Hey! I grew up in the TV business!) and so I have nothing at all against reality programming and even watch some of it. But aren’t some of these folks’ 15 minutes more than up? Continue reading

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