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Reality Isn’t Just TV

American Idol

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You might watch one reality competition or another. There are lots of them and I’m sure there’s one to appeal to some interest of yours – singing (Idol), dancing (Stars), Golf (Big Break), Cooking (Top Chef, etc.), business (The Apprentice) – they’re all out there.
No laughing, but I was an Idol fan. I say “was” because I’m done with it now after last week. A contestant who clearly should have been in the top 5, if not won it all, was eliminated. Lots of folks blamed lazy voters. I don’t – and there’s a business point in there too. Continue reading

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Big Break

The Big Break

Do you watch the Big Break on the Golf Channel?  The series has been running for seven years or so and has featured men and women, young and old, competing for a chance to play in PGA Tour and LPGA Tour events.  There are also, as they say in the game show world, lots of cash and other valuable prizes.  One guy who was on the show – Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey – has actually had some success on the tour, one guy caddies regularly on the Tour (most pro caddies are great golfers) and many others, particularly the women, have played well on the Duramed Tour, which is the LPGA’s developmental tour.  (Update – I forgot about alum James Nitties who also has had PGA Tour success – thanks Tarek!)

So why, other than my well-known obsession with all things golf, am I bringing this up?  Because as I was watching the show I had a thought about business and I wanted to share it. Continue reading

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