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Spotting BS

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Yesterday’s rant was on the need to check out facts before finalizing opinions. A great example of this is in today’s NY Times piece on last night’s debate – it simply states what the candidate said and what multiple sources say on the same subjects to back up or question what was said. Hopefully the paper and many others will continue to do this right through the election next year.
But what happens when you do try to verify facts and find that there are multiple, conflicting data points? Could it be because some of them are fake? Continue reading

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Cooler Heads

I’d really like to write about politics since I think there is so much going on that’s grounds for an interesting discussion. But I won’t. Want to know why? It’s because I want you to finish reading my stuff and not dismiss it because of some political position I’ve taken.  It’s because too many folks get aggravated just by the thought of discussing political matters and that aggravation gets in the way of a productive discussion. It’s really interesting how a simple question about anything in current events can lead to polarized yelling.  People see their positions, not words,  and quit reading.  So while you may think there’s some political message coming, you’re wrong. Continue reading

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Bulletin: Research Demos Common Sense

“Because I say so” is a line guaranteed to get you in trouble as a parent. It means you’ve reached the end of your rope in terms of logic and are resorting to the tried and true tactic of bullying. Having been there myself, I’m not criticizing – I’m just saying…

The reason I bring this up is that it sometimes we all use that line with respect to stuff we just know. It’s true because we say so but also because we just know.  You just know Bruce is going to put on a good show (he did!). You just know no matter what one political party does the other one will criticize them (boring). And you just know that good customers get more angry with you when you screw up than do casual customers. Except today there’s some research that says so too. Continue reading

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