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Spotting BS

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Yesterday’s rant was on the need to check out facts before finalizing opinions. A great example of this is in today’s NY Times piece on last night’s debate – it simply states what the candidate said and what multiple sources say on the same subjects to back up or question what was said. Hopefully the paper and many others will continue to do this right through the election next year.
But what happens when you do try to verify facts and find that there are multiple, conflicting data points? Could it be because some of them are fake? Continue reading

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Third Base

Paris Hilton at a press conference for GoYello...

A little bit of snark to start our week, I’m afraid.  One thing that continues to amaze me is the absolute vacuousness of much of the programming with which my daughters and their friends spend their time. I get the entire economics thing (Hey! I grew up in the TV business!) and so I have nothing at all against reality programming and even watch some of it. But aren’t some of these folks’ 15 minutes more than up? Continue reading

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