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Nanny’s Matzoh Balls

shiny ones among themselves

This Foodie Friday, I want to share something I discovered from my grandmother, who knew very little about cooking and even less about business.  Nevertheless, I came upon something the other day which is instructive in both areas.  We bought a GroupOn to have some videotapes transferred to DVD and are in the process of going through the old stuff to make sure that what we’re sending isn’t just hours of babies laying about (which a lot of it is, not surprisingly).  At one point during some family gathering, my grandmother is asked about making matzoh balls and how she did it.  The answer? Continue reading

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Changing It Up

Matzah: unleavened bread

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This Foodie Friday is taking place in the midst of Passover, the annual celebration of matzoh and laxatives (trust me on this) that commemorates the Jews’ salvation and departure from Egypt.  For those of you who don’t celebrate it, the traditions of the holiday go far beyond not eating bread.  In fact there is a fairly lengthy list of proscribed foods which, depending on from which part of the Jewish world your family comes, can include corn, beans, and other things one wouldn’t immediately associate with unleavened bread.

I usually make the celebratory Passover meal for our family which of course makes me think of a quick business lesson.  Food and business?  Must be Friday! Continue reading

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Jewish Thanksgiving

Handmade shmura matzo
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This week’s Foodie Fun Friday post is dedicated to all of you who won’t be using the bathroom for the next week.  You know who you are.  But the gentiles out there are wondering “what could he possibly mean?  What could possibly stop someone up that badly?”  Well, dear readers, Passover started Wednesday night and by now, most Jewish homes have had two Seders. With those Seders goes matzo and when we say hello to the matzo, we say “buh-bye” to regularity. Continue reading

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