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Changing The Game

Bobby Jones famously said about Jack Nicklaus that “he plays a game with which I am not familiar.” Now obviously Jones knew quite a bit about golf as a winner of multiple major tournaments himself and that was on the surface, what Nicklaus was playing. But the manner in which Jack attacked courses, the distance he hit the ball and his fantastic short game was very different from anything that preceded him.

Eric Clapton is one of the greatest guitar players of all time and yet he was stunned when he heard Jimi Hendrix play for the first time.  Listening to Jimi’s music now one can’t fully appreciate how different it was at the time  – it was a musical game with which no one had been familiar.  Think it’s just music and sports? Continue reading

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Collage of several of w:Gray's muscle pictures...

I was lying on the floor this morning trying to unlock a muscle in my back. Those of you that know me are saying “well, how unusual is it for him to be on the floor anyway” but this time it was to stretch. I was doing a back exercise developed by a genius named Pete Egoscue – he saved Jack Nicklaus‘ back among others.
As I was lying there, I thought about what caused the problem. I played golf with the pro last week and he made a few adjustments in my address position which put more stress on my lower back. Like any muscles one hasn’t used in a bit, mine reacted badly. But then again, that’s just how businesses react too. Continue reading

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