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Crossing The Line

A few of us were talking yesterday about a mutual friend who got sacked last week.  The guy was very good at his job and frequently exceeded both expectations and “reach” goals so performance wasn’t really the issue.  He is a genial sort of guy who can have an edge from time to time but then again, can’t we all?  On the surface it was a mystery to many of us as to why he was let go since there really weren’t any of the political problems one sometimes sees from new management or a shifting of responsibilities.

As it turned out, what did him in was crossing the line. Continue reading

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Yet another over 40 friend got the sack yesterday. It had nothing to do with his age nor with his competence. Mostly, like many of my pals who’ve been shown the door over the last few years, it was about a change of direction. As I speak to them, most of my friends had an inkling that something was amiss. Interesting projects were given to others. They weren’t invited to meetings that concerned areas in which they were involved. Certain people seemed to be avoiding them. There are always signs – we just choose to ignore them or we notice and get angry but don’t do much. So here’s a request for both the soon to be terminated and those doing the firing. Continue reading

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