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Posts of The Year – 3

This post was more personal than a number of the things about which I write.  It’s from my birthday this past Summer and the theme is Courage – the post was entitled “Coraggio” – the Italian word for it.  It’s about having the inner fortitude to challenge things and making decisions based on the truth as it is, not as you want it to be.  Do you? Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me! When you’re a kid, you can’t wait for birthdays because they mean you’re older, wiser, and have more stuff from the gifts that will show up.  Now that I’m older (not OLD, thank you), they become a bit less desirable since you get to a point where you don’t quite know how many you have left.  For some reason, the word “courage” popped into my head this morning and as I’m having the morning coffee, it seems to be a great word for an anniversary. Continue reading


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